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Owning or running a commercial gym, condominium Gym or personal training studio cost a lot of money in Fitness Equipment. Our job is to make sure that Equipment is always running perfectly . Let us reduce one less headache by allowing us to service your machines. 

We started our career by working for a Used Fitness Equipment company. This allowed us to learn about every major fitness manufacture. Our experience is what separates us from other service companies. We have the confidence of walking into any fitness facility and knowing the manufacturers and being able to work on them. 

Communication is our biggest asset. Our technicians are trained to either communicate with you through verbally or through email of what we have done at your fitness facility. We order parts only after explaining to you what we are ordering and how it will fix the machine. Depending on the situation if we have to order the part next day air or even if we have to get a used part in the meantime we will do what ever is necessary to make sure that your machine is not down. 

We are a company that likes to handle the problem at hand with in one day. 

 When using our preventative maintenance service program  you will be receiving white glove service. When we visit your facility we devote all our attention to your equipment. Every piece of equipment will be touched by our certified technicians. You will not be left in the dark about your equipment. 

Who are we, we are a company that loves what we do service and fix Fitness Equipment. We are all certified by every major company, Life Fitness, Cybex Arc, Sci-Fit, hammer strength, Precor, Techno Gym and more . We are constantly investing in different certifications to improve our craft.  We look forward to servicing all of your fitness Equipment needs. 




Preventive Maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance actions  aimed at the prevention of breakdowns ans failures.The primary goal of preventive maintenance is to prevent the failure of the equipment before it actually occurs.Our custom Preventative Maintenance Agreements (PM’s) are designed to keep your equipment working safely and efficiently as well as limit the frequency of repairs through regular maintenance, calibration, lubrication and inspections. It is a misconception that since a piece of equipment is under a manufacturer’s warranty a service agreement is not necessary.



South Florida Fitness Solutions  is dedicated to providing the highest quality Gym floors  products in the industry and incomparable levels of customer support throughout the entire  process. Our team of expert and professionals will recommend the very best Gym  flooring product for your specific needs and requirements, whether it's for a gym, weight room, locker room, aerobic room, common area, or multipurpose facility.

Our high performance Rubber flooring  surfaces are designed for uncompromising performance, and many of them use recycled or recyclable materials for environmental friendliness. With a wide selection of colors and designs to offer you what you really need.



 As your Strength Equipment Fabric  gets older we offer you to work by our side   to keep yours  members from noticing is to keep the upholstered padding in good repair. Our services can keep damaged or worn equipment pads from becoming unattractive or harmful to your members. We service or replace all types of equipment pads as well as provide a limitless choice of colors for changing the look of your equipment.

Our highly experienced upholsterers can repair anything from simple exercise equipment pads to complex medical chairs. We provide on-site repairs from our mobile upholstery vehicles to minimize downtime and decrease inconvenience to your members or guests. We use only high grade naugahyde materials and marine quality closed cell foam for our repairs. The replacement material is always top stitched with a clear monofilament high strength thread to maximize durability. We guarantee our workmanship for 3 months  against separation or failure of our materials.


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